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Concisus - Enterprise Collaboration Environment

Concisus is a free/libre software project to build a complete, fast, and reliable enterprise collaboration environment, a groupware.

It was started as a further development of eGroupWare. Mostly to develop new concepts and to improve the performance of the original code. Since we started the modifications we find impossible to keep those concepts inside the original code and decided to start a new project.

We keep supporting some modules inside the original project. However, we will replace all original code base in Concisus to make all modules fully compatible with the new technologies. At moment, we have a new BO/SO layer, a new Javascript user interface layer using XMLHttpRequest (Ajax) by Thyapi to improve the user experience, a complete object oriented code structure, a new data tree structure, among other small modifications.

From users point of view, there are few modifications, as we still did not modifyed all modules but, it will be possible to see the those modifications in the Appointment Center, Projects, Resources, and Files Center.